Lost Your Gmail Password? Recover It Now


An Email is a storage space where you can store your important stuff safely including contact addresses of your known one and relatives. You can also save other important documents like photos, word or excel sheets, etc.The benefit of saving the document in the Email is that it can’t be stolen just unlike Mobile phone. Many times, you can’t be able to access your account e.g. just because of getting a red alert that says “you have entered a wrong password.” This happens more because of forgotten password, or simply the account has been hacked by hacker or intruder. There are two ways to get back our Gmail Password recovery:


* Economical option
The economical option is where you have to use your “secret question” to get your account back.If you don’t remember the answer to your secret question, then you can try for “secondary email” where the password will be sent to the given secondary email address so that you can use to open your account.

* Using software
This is best for those people who do not remember the answer to the secret question that has been put in the recovery option for the forgotten account. The password recovery bundle will be the program to download. This will make sure that you will get all the relevant information that is considered as important in your email account., follow below:

Gmail Password Recovery
Step 1: Do you remembered that what information have you done while creating your Gmail account? I asked this question because at the time of creating Gmail account they ask you to enter alternative email or phone number for account verification also recovery Gmail password. Alternate email id and password are most helpful to recover your Gmail account password.

Step 2: There are three options to reset Gmail password. Go to and top right corner just select sign In option.

Step 3: Below the Sign In option, there is a link Need help? Just click on that link then resetting process will start.

Step 4: Now it will ask about a problem where three options are available just select the first option which is for forgot the password or I don’t know the password.Enter user name and click on continue option.

Method to Recover a Gmail Password

Step 5: Your account name will be shown now you have to confirm it. If that is not your account, then you need to select that’s not my account and enter the correct username and enter any previously used password. All used password save by Gmail if any previous password correctly enters then it will ask you to get verification code on mobile now process continue and get verification code to your mobile phone, now enter this verification code in given box. If you are not accessing that number, then you can click on

Step 6: If you didn’t remember any of the previous passwords then need to click I don’t know then we will be directly redirected to mobile verification.

Step 7: After selecting I can’t have access to my phone you will redirect to another password resetting method where we have to provide an option to enter an alternative email address in the two fields.

If you have lost your Gmail Password, then you can get the important data from your email account using password recovery bundle.As you can see above steps of using password recovery bundle, it’s too short and easy to use by yourself.

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