Create a Microsoft Account


Microsoft account is used for many purposes as well as to solve many problems. With a Microsoft account, you will be able to create a Hotmail account or Outlook email account as well as using other services of Microsoft and Office 365 for example.

Microsoft account is used to sign into your PC or mobile devices to download and install applications. You can use any email address, as long as your email is still being used, no need to register for hotmail or outlook. You can also use Gmail, or Yahoo, etc. The following article will guide you how to create a Microsoft account, let’s refer.



Step 1: Open web browser, access to the page:

Step 2: Here, you fill in your information


  • Name: Your display name
  • Username: The name of your Microsoft account, you can also use your email address to register
  • Create password: This password is used to sign in your account, and it must be different from password used to access to your email address, it must has at least 8 characters including letters, number and special characters.
  • Reenter password: Re-enter the password above

Note: Do not click “Or get new email address”


  • Country/Region: The country in which you are living
  • Postal code: includes 5 figures
  • Gender: select your gender : male or female
  • Country code: enter your country code
  • Phone number: enter the phone number you are using, remember to leave the first number 0 out.


Enter exactly the characters you see. If you couldn’t see it clearly, click New to get new code or Audio to listen to the code.

After that, click Create account.

Then, you have to access to the email address you’ve just used to sign up to enable your account. When you’re done, you’ll be able to use your Microsoft account.

So, now, you’ve created a Microsoft account with your email address and could use it to sign in your PC as well as other mobile devices of Microsoft. Let’s sign in  and enjoy so many apps offered by Microsoft. By the way, it you haven’t had a Gmail account, let’s sign up Gmail and use it, now.

Good luck!

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